Because I need to do this to keep everybody happy. Because I need to sleep so I can get up much earlier than I actually want to. Because Tiffy is showing me up with her prompt and interesting updates. Because I’m going to have to do this sometime anyway … I present:

The end of Arin’s semester in under three hundred words

  • 401 and designing a 6-in diameter bolt. Akkk. Subsequent all-nighter with Stephanie in the Peoplequarium, watching the sunrise.
  • Field trips to Johnson and Ellington -awesome but right in the middle of the bolt report.
  • Major problems falling asleep, even when dead tired.
  • Banquance, leaders’ retreat, and fortifying myself for Vibrations.
  • 599 and country/western dancing – sweetness. First time country/western dancing = doing salsa in the middle of the two-steps and polkas. Heh heh. Thanks, Joel.
  • Packing. Bad.
  • Moving. Stressful. Freaking Dad out with my driving. I really don’t usually drive like that.
  • Matt’s commissioning and saying goodbye to seniors. One of those things you really wish you didn’t have to do.

And that brings me to now, which is pretty dang sweet. I’m living on an island. In a house. By a canal. With sailboats. And I’m (helping to) building a spaceship and I apparently get my own business cards (!) and I get to mostly pick my project. Sweeeet. The only drawbacks are the whole getting-up-in-the-morning thing.

Okay, stay tuned. More later – crashing as of now.