Up and Running

It’s been a full week!  I’ve mainly been compiling and editing some video footage I took in the lab a few months ago; it’s for prospective employers to look at.

I had an interview with Aerojet on Wednesday. With them, I would probably end up in Sacramento, or maybe Virginia. I also had an unexpected call from SpaceX yesterday – they want a phone interview for a position in Texas, near Waco! I’m continuing to contact other companies, too – I like having all this hope and possibility right now.

In other news, I also filled out a volunteer application for Wycliffe’s JAARS center in North Carolina. I think volunteering out there until Christmas might be a worthwhile way to stay occupied while waiting for a potential job to start. More on JAARS later.

Also, I got to drive a Chevy Volt yesterday.

The very existence of flame-throwers proves that some time, somewhere, someone said to themselves, You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I’m just not close enough to get the job done.

– George Carlin


Rocket Science, or What I Do at “Work”

Below are some photos from a typical testing day. This is mainly for my family or other people who wonder what I’m doing when I say, “I have to go to work”, or, “I got to make fire yesterday.”

The dry box: actually stocks invented for chemists. It allows us to maintain a nitrogen environment for things that don't like oxygen.

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Remember, Remember

the fifth of November … Odd how an extremist reviled for treason has morphed into something of a popular hero. Thanks, V for Vendetta. Not that it isn’t an interesting movie, but it does highlight some of the reversals in Western values over the past five hundred years or so.

I’m killing time until my currently unpopular office hours are over, since I’m extremely unmotivated to study for my STAT exam or work on my MECH problem set.

I’ve realized, over the past month or so, how often I and other people say “I feel that…” when we actually mean “I think that …” Feeling is not the same as thinking, and I think that when we don’t make a distinction between the phrases, we contribute to blurring the lines between the two. “I feel that…” might be deemed a less assertive or offensive phrase, but I think that sacrificing passivity in favor of clarity is not a bad thing. Consequently, I’ve been using the word “think” a lot more in the past few weeks. Words and word choice are important.

Two minutes, so some notes in random order:

  • There is a Pandora gadget!
  • I’m getting more motion in my right knee after ACL surgery. Thank you so much for all y’all’s prayers and notes/cards/messages! I will reply individually, but I can’t promise a timeframe yet. Eyyy grad school.
  • I have a roommate for next semester! The way in which it all happened was definitely Providential and I shall detail this at some point.
  • Model rocket launch for a class I’m TAing. I put some pictures on Flickr.

Alright, now I have to go be productive.


Things to look up/get ideas about:

Materials specs for a supersonic combustion project:
-Stainless Steel 304
-various sundry coolants

Bridal shower favors that are inexpensive/easy to make/procure (ideas about this are most welcome)

Does anyone know what happens chemically when milk thickens in heat? Does it have to do with protein chains folding/unfolding, or is it just magic?

I have pictures from Dallas’ white Christmas and the Lancaster Cold War Air Museum up on Facebook. I also may or may not put them up on Flickr.

“…if you trust in yourself…”
“…and believe in your dreams…”
“…and follow your star…” Miss Tick went on.
“…you’ll still get beaten by people who spent their their time working hard and learning things and weren’t so lazy. Good-bye.”

-Terry Pratchett, The Wee Free Men

October Sky (Pictures)

I’m alive! Barely, but alive, I promise. And I posted before LesleyT, so I win at life, despite still being traumatized by yesterday’s Orbit Mechanics test.

My life in a sentence: Work work sleep eat work work class class eat work work work work frisbee shower eat work work want to go to bed but just remembered that I had some other work work. Yeah.

Some cool things that managed to happen:

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I give you …

Purdue University, presented by TxDOT, OkDOT, Hank the cowdog, MoDOT, Bass Pro Shops, LBJ’s Andrew Jackson Expansion Memorial (aka the Gateway Arch), IlDOT, construction, Neil Armstrong, Home Depot, tornados, and the letter R (reserved).

Some pictures:

Springfield, MO: Bass Pro Shops - the largest one in the world and the only game in town

Springfield, MO: Bass Pro Shops - the largest one in the world and the only game in town

St. Louis Science Center: I want one of these in my room. Talk about an aid to procrastination!

St. Louis Science Center: I want one of these in my room. Talk about an aid to procrastination!

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Trains, Terraces, and Theaters (Pictures)

Something funny, but not a little embarrassing, just happened, and I’m debating whether or not to relate it.

Oh, what the heck.

I may have mentioned my devastating addiction to hummus before – it’s still going strong, and probably isn’t good for me. Still, pita and hummus makes a good lunch, which was what I was eating while working on my computer. An absent-minded turn, a swipe with the elbow, and I discovered that tubs of hummus obey what I must now call Murphy’s Law of Hummus, or the Hummus Corollary to the Theorem of Buttered Bread: The container will always land open side down. In this case, its descent to the floor was intercepted by my tennis shoe. My dirty tennis shoe. My tennis shoe that has been trekking all over Haifa and Caesarea for the past two days.

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