I don’t have anything specific in mind for this post; just a random bunch of thoughts that aren’t really related – colored pebbles scattered on the sand, waiting for a ray of light to pick one out for the passerby … yeah, so I’m slightly incoherent right now.

Today was pretty sweet. I got to play around in the vehicle mock-up, just for the heck of it, and run a simulator through station docking. That’s why I’m an engineer – so I can play with expensive toys (as in, multi-million dollar toys) and get paid for it.

They’ve told us to treat the internship as a three-month-long interview. I don’t think I’ve made a complete idiot of myself yet. (I still have ten weeks to do that, though.)

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Congratulations is definitely in order to NASA, JPL, and University of Arizona for Sunday’s powered touchdown. And, from my perspective, the sweet-action solar panels unfurling correctly was probably the best part. Oh, and the pictures. While it still remains to be seen if the landing thrusters fried/significantly disturbed the soil underneath, the teams behind the little-bird-that-could have done a heck of a job.

Links to both the lander and STS-124 (blasting out on Saturday) homes are on the right. And I gotta say that NASA PR’s Harry Potteresque 124 crew poster is a thing of beauty.

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