If Only…

Christmastime is here, so here’s what I would get my family, friends, and partners in crime … if only I had the money. Hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Mum – 2010 Ford Mustang (when your kid buys you a car, you know you’ve done your job) and The Complete Agatha Christie
Dad – Ride on Spaceship Two, anybody?
E – World Cup tix, Gravity Probe B
The Lollipop – Two Front Teeth (apparently this is also the title of a really bad Christmas horror movie) and Stethescope Earrings
Havoc – Xbox 360 – my mother would kill me Continue reading


Entering the Lists…

It’s Thanksgiving break! And we all know that “break” is actually code for “time to catch up on things/do things that you’ve been putting off until ‘break'”.

First on the list is, of course, to make a list. (While being distracted by a Champions League game. Even though I don’t really like Barca, but they are being fouled like crazy.)

The List:

  • Find a thesis topic (yeah, that will be easy)
  • Do Orbitals homework (this will probably take, oh, most of break. I am not kidding.)
  • Do Rocket Prop homework
  • Study for Orbitals test
  • Write up Jet Prop homework
  • Do Math homework
  • Clean … everything. Normalized against my roommate, I think my Entropy powers are on the order of +2. Or +3. When I walk into a room, things just seem to accelerate toward chaos. So room, bathroom, kitchen – and now common room. Bah.
  • Give my car its long-overdue monthly check. And find an old towel to keep in it, because it’s so humid here that fogging glass is a real problem.
  • Groceries may have to happen at some point
  • Email/message people. The whole “grad school” thing where you eat, sleep, and do homework tends to cut you off from the outside world. Continue reading

The Tour de France Post

I’m really not a fan of France, even though I took three – maybe four? – years of French, but there are exceptions to everything. In this case, the exceptions are: the Revolutionary War (although that was mainly because they hated the British), cheese, chocolate, guttural rs, and the Tour. As in, le Tour de France.

Instead of raving obsessively about it, I’ll just mention that I’d really like to see Garmin’s Tyler Farrar (the 25-year-0ld Washington sprinter) take a stage and stick it to Mark Cavendish. Of course, now that they’ve started on the mountains, all the sprinters will be hanging on for dear life, so we won’t see much out of them, but later on there might be a few chances. I really think Farrar can do it (oh, and become the first American in twenty years to take a sprint finish). It’s comforting to know I’m not the only one out there who considers this a possibility; see this article. However, Dean is also his teammate – he wouldn’t be much use if he didn’t believe it.

Also – Astana what? We all know it’s Team Livestrong using Kazakh money. I would really like to see Levi Leipheimer in the yellow, though, just because he kind of gets lost in all the attention surrounding Armstrong and Contador and whatever drama they’ve got themselves into. And can Armstrong please stop advertising anything and everything to with cycling? Please?

Some good/entertaining links for following this year’s Tour: