Christmas is …

Walking through the streets of Jerusalem, not exactly sure where you’re going
Riding in an Arab bus beside concrete shield walls, two stories high and angled at the top to protect cars on the road from falling blast debris and bullets
Conversing with a cab driver in Hebrew
Being warned by above driver to speak only English in the West Bank
Following the sounds of brass Christmas carols to Manger Square
Standing in the middle of a concert audience with absolutely no room to move

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A Capital Time

Look – I’m doing my duty! I could be editing my resume (which does need doing), or memorizing a dialog for class tomorrow, or even doing one of my many personal projects, but no. I shall sit here and add a few more kilobytes to the already mind-blowing amount of data on the internet.

Yesterday was basically awesome. No class is great, but a day-trip to the capital is even better. With a free dinner to finish it off. I took way too many pictures and shall post some of them … eventually. The tour included not only some of the main, famous sites, but also others that were less-frequented, but still important to the history and current politics of the region.

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