Spring Break

As you may or may not have divined from my Facebook page, I am indeed in Houston this week. I’m enjoying the spontaneity and freedom of university without classes; I’m just pretending I live at Wiess again, at least for a week. It’s super exciting being on a bike again and yes, I’m slightly sunburned and my hands have bike grease on them that won’t come off, but we had an awesome (sometimes singing) draft line going on this afternoon. Right in front of Brown’s face as they were wrapping up their catch practice. Seriously, how satisfying is that?

Our alumni roster is looking pretty stacked. We should place really well – I would insert “Crush Will Rice and completely destroy them” but I don’t want to jinx it. Now if only it doesn’t rain on Saturday.

It’s also been great just hanging around campus and randomly running into people, catching up with them, throwing a frisbee around, or having conversations about the things that matter. Over the past few months, discussions have consisted mainly of schoolwork or sports.

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I Like Ike?

No, not really. What gets me is why they called it Ike. Which is not even a real name, but rather a nickname (thank you, Mr. Eisenhower, for publicizing that). And a nickname generally makes a person/thing sound pretty friendly, unless the nickname happens to be “Spike” or “Killer” or something like that. I wouldn’t say Ike was all that friendly.

Rant aside, Ike was definitely an experience. The real deal, one might say, compared to Rita three years ago, which turned aside at the last moment while giving us a sprinkle in passing. We hung out in the commons for six or seven hours and then went to bed, while other evacuating students took eighteen hours to get to Katy, normally half an hour away. The term “contraflow” was suddenly coined, popping up on all the networks within five minutes of conception.

This time was a little more businesslike, although Ike took its sweet time in getting here. Between meeting with my senior design professor (!!! yeah, I know), bagging my electronics and taking my posters off the walls, prepping my room for possible hurricane damage, packing for a night in the servery/shelter, playing a pickup game of Ultimate, and witnessing the birth of a terribly profound mockumentary (yes, that is tongue in cheek), it was a full Friday. Since we were sheltering in the servery (the actual kitchen part where they had boarded up the two windows), dinner was moved forward so the area could be turned over to us at 7pm, when we were expected to need it.

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