Deep Breath

Eyyyy…. I’m posting! (The almost-two months between this and the previous post are a mute, but powerful, witness to the onslaught of the semester.) Three big news items for right now: Research (!!!!) , knee surgery, and car.

Many of my parent’s supporters/family friends/other friends and family have been praying with me as I went through the submission of a research proposal to NASA in February, and then waited for the grant decision to come back. I finally heard their decision in August; I hadn’t gotten the grant, and therefore needed to find another thesis topic, and probably funding as well. Fortunately my teaching assistantship from last year had been renewed, so at least there would be a way to pay the rent. In the first weeks of the semester, I talked to a professor, who had a possible computational project, and also to my advisor, who offered a data analysis project. I wasn’t superexcited about either, since my goal in coming to Purdue had been to do an experimental research thesis. After reading a few papers on the topic I went in to talk to my advisor, who then said something along the lines of “So… I’ve been looking at the budget, and … would you like to do experimental research? It’s with toxic, probably carcinogenic, propellants, so you might die, but it could be interesting.”

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Car Fail

Epic fail. I got a used car checked out by a mechanic and subsequently decided not to make an offer on it. Julia and I decided on the ride back that the massive inadequacies of the car were slightly hilarious. For your pleasure and amusement:

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