Bauhaus in Pictures

I’ve decided to put pictures in this time, first of all because it’s much easier to show, rather than tell about, Bauhaus architecture, and also because when I try to email pictures home, my mail account screams at me and takes forever. There are also some cool Spider-man and rooftop photos.

As yesterday was Friday, which is the equivalent of Saturday, I decided to sacrifice my precious sleeping privileges and take a tour, under the auspices of the Bauhaus Center of Tel Aviv. This style of architecture, technically known as the “International Style” is incredibly prolific here, because the city was built in a culture and time when the architecture and ideology were quite popular. (A side-note: I’m being spoiled. I haven’t had real week-ends since … tenth grade, and the concept of not having to do anything is mindblowing.) In fact, Tel Aviv is known as “the White City” – pity there’s no resemblance to Minas Tirith – and as the Bauhaus Capital of the world. In 2003 it was designated a UNESCO heritage site. But what exactly is Bauhaus?

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