And… I’m here. “Here” being the JAARS center in/near Waxhaw, NC. I’m pretty tired, so I’ll keep it short.

Yesterday I made the drive from WL to Cleveland to see my former roommate, who had spent the day freezing in an icing wind tunnel – good times and good conversation, even if it was just for the evening! We were discussing Romans 14 a little bit, and the extent to which it condemns denominational divides. There are some issues that I haven’t fully thought through yet, such as infant and/or adult baptism, so I won’t really go into that here.

The drive itself was fairly uneventful. Last night it was pouring as I was coming into Cleveland, and visibility was so poor that I stopped under an overpass to wait it out. My boyfriend told me over the phone that there was a severe thunderstorm warning for the area; I was just glad that another car pulled in behind me, so my bike (on the back of my car) had a smaller chance of getting hit by passing vehicles. When I started driving again, I passed two sets of cars that had either run into each other or into the guardrail.

Today it rained for most of the day again, but the terrain gradually changed from foothills to mountains, and then back into hills. The Appalachians, being shorter than the Rockies, are less stark and more fuzzy. Well, okay, not fuzzy. They have trees on their tops. If you squint, or there are rain and clouds on top, they kind of look fuzzy. The roads were fun, but wet. I stopped every two or three hours, so the drive took about ten hours, I think.

My apartment is one of the furnished apartments they keep for volunteers and folks passing through. It’s very small and very cute. I admit I was expecting something darker and mustier, based on the one my family lived in for a few months in Dallas, but it’s quite light and cozy. The main room has a couch, table, chairs, and a tiny television (!) and a kitchen on one wall, and the bedroom has two twin beds and a nice bathroom. Half of my stuff is currently strewn all over, and the other half is in my car, but I’ll get everything shipshape tomorrow. When I walk outside, I can smell trees. It makes me happy.

Good night, world!


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