JAARS (More Plans)

I got an email yesterday, informing me that my volunteer application for JAARS has been accepted. This means that I’ll be spending the next few weeks, until Christmas, volunteering at Wycliffe’s center in North Carolina. I’ll also be flying back to Dallas just after Thanksgiving for a site interview with SpaceX, which means I get to see my folks, too!

So what am I doing, exactly?

I’ve known for awhile that I’d like to take this time in between school and a “real job” to make an impact on present-day issues. I tossed around the idea of going to Afghanistan to work with women, realized that I’d be really bored if I weren’t around engineering or machines, and applied for a Fall 2011 internship with Engineering Ministries International. I was disappointed when that didn’t work out, but in hindsight it was actually good, as I didn’t finish my graduate work at the end of the summer. Right now, I have a nice little gap between finishing school and January, when I would expect a job to start. Adventure time!

Wycliffe Bible Translators currently works in more than 90 countries to translate the Bible into trade and indigenous languages. For cultures and tribes which have no written form of communication, their linguists and translators produce an alphabet and literacy materials. In addition, they also do very basic medical work and culture documentation. My parents have served with Wycliffe in computer programming and support for over 15 years.

Their Jungle Aviation and Radio Service, now know as just JAARS, provides support for translators and linguists “in the field” through the operation of light- and rotor-wing aircraft. They provide transportation for people, supplies, and medicine. Every kid in Wycliffe has probably wanted to be a jungle pilot at some point … because they’re the coolest people ever. These are the guys who land float planes on jungle rivers that are basically rapids, slaloming around rocks as they come in.

I’ll be helping out on the engineering and logistics side in North Carolina (that’s pretty much all I know; I’ll find out more when I get there). Unofficially, I’ll be hunting for stories that I can pass on to you on this blog, for both your entertainment and awareness. Currently, the plan is to set out on 14 November.

A few prayer requests, while I still have your attention:

  • Traveling safety, of course
  • Doing this long-distance relationship thing – both I and my boyfriend will find this difficult, I expect
  • A good transition into a new life and schedule
  • God’s continued work through Wycliffe and JAARS

And certainly praise for job interviews and the volunteer opportunity and housing being available! I think I’m okay financially, but please remember me in your prayers – it’s the greatest thing you can do for me.

I’d love to stay in touch with everyone at Purdue, so leave a comment or send me an email if you can!

“Christianity is like a nail. The harder you strike it, the deeper it goes.” – Yemelian Yaroslavsky, chairman of Stalin’s League of the Militant Godless


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