Remember, Remember

the fifth of November … Odd how an extremist reviled for treason has morphed into something of a popular hero. Thanks, V for Vendetta. Not that it isn’t an interesting movie, but it does highlight some of the reversals in Western values over the past five hundred years or so.

I’m killing time until my currently unpopular office hours are over, since I’m extremely unmotivated to study for my STAT exam or work on my MECH problem set.

I’ve realized, over the past month or so, how often I and other people say “I feel that…” when we actually mean “I think that …” Feeling is not the same as thinking, and I think that when we don’t make a distinction between the phrases, we contribute to blurring the lines between the two. “I feel that…” might be deemed a less assertive or offensive phrase, but I think that sacrificing passivity in favor of clarity is not a bad thing. Consequently, I’ve been using the word “think” a lot more in the past few weeks. Words and word choice are important.

Two minutes, so some notes in random order:

  • There is a Pandora gadget!
  • I’m getting more motion in my right knee after ACL surgery. Thank you so much for all y’all’s prayers and notes/cards/messages! I will reply individually, but I can’t promise a timeframe yet. Eyyy grad school.
  • I have a roommate for next semester! The way in which it all happened was definitely Providential and I shall detail this at some point.
  • Model rocket launch for a class I’m TAing. I put some pictures on Flickr.

Alright, now I have to go be productive.


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