Spring Break

As you may or may not have divined from my Facebook page, I am indeed in Houston this week. I’m enjoying the spontaneity and freedom of university without classes; I’m just pretending I live at Wiess again, at least for a week. It’s super exciting being on a bike again and yes, I’m slightly sunburned and my hands have bike grease on them that won’t come off, but we had an awesome (sometimes singing) draft line going on this afternoon. Right in front of Brown’s face as they were wrapping up their catch practice. Seriously, how satisfying is that?

Our alumni roster is looking pretty stacked. We should place really well – I would insert “Crush Will Rice and completely destroy them” but I don’t want to jinx it. Now if only it doesn’t rain on Saturday.

It’s also been great just hanging around campus and randomly running into people, catching up with them, throwing a frisbee around, or having conversations about the things that matter. Over the past few months, discussions have consisted mainly of schoolwork or sports.

I told myself I’d figure out what I’m doing this summer; it’s now Wednesday evening and I still don’t know. I could:

  1. Get a research internship, with Air Force Research Lab or some other government organization
  2. Take a summer class (or two) and beg (on my knees) a professor for a grunt job in his lab for the summer. I definitely need the hands-on time.
  3. Get a corporate internship. Hmmm. It’s March. Usually they have their interns by February or early March.
  4. Take a summer class  (or two) and work at restaurant/cafe/retail. I’m not enthusiastic about this one.
  5. Ditch everything and go on Summer Project or a mission trip. Drawback: I have no money, and I would still have to pay rent on my apartment. I also don’t know when deadlines are.

Basically I think I need some source of income. Something either in the way of research experience or classes for my degree might also be good. I think I need to look at details for all this stuff and pray about it a bit. I know I’ll end up doing something this summer (breathing, for starters) – just what exactly, I don’t know.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this actual conversation from the Beer Debates on Tuesday evening:

“Professor, hypothetically speaking, what advice would you give a student if he came to you and told you he was dating your daughter?”

“Wait, how do you know I have a daughter?”

(Awkward pause) “I’m her boyfriend.” (Another awkward pause.) “Nice to meet you, sir.”


2 thoughts on “Spring Break

  1. He said “I’m her boyfriend…hypothetically” which made me giggle and yet feel so terrified for him at the same time.

    I will be down at Wiess around 11:30 today if you’re there.

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