If Only…

Christmastime is here, so here’s what I would get my family, friends, and partners in crime … if only I had the money. Hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Mum – 2010 Ford Mustang (when your kid buys you a car, you know you’ve done your job) and The Complete Agatha Christie
Dad – Ride on Spaceship Two, anybody?
E – World Cup tix, Gravity Probe B
The Lollipop – Two Front Teeth (apparently this is also the title of a really bad Christmas horror movie) and Stethescope Earrings
Havoc – Xbox 360 – my mother would kill me
Laura – Thermometer Earrings – might help with those wind tunnel experiments
Peter – Ninja Umbrella plus you can carry it on your back
Amanda, Tom, Matt, and the rest of Team Schneider and Honorary Team Schneider – The World’s Three Most Expensive Beers
Brad – Tauntaun Sleeping Bag complete with lightsaber zipper
Laura L – Fender Blender Pro
Gina – Wife – be careful when you say “I need a wife!” … somebody might actually give one to you
Julia – Gyroscope Earrings, Cat Remote Control
Lauren – Horror Shower Curtain
Roque – Spherical Solar Cells
Jeremy – Coal Power Plant – why give just coal?
Jason – Park Tool BBQ Set
Chris – Ghillie Suit
Amy – Anti-Socialist
Jamie – Movie Soundtracks – of course
Stephen – World’s Largest Burgers
Wiess College – Custom Madone 6 Series, Specialized’s (how does the possessive work here?) newAmira line
My Jet Propulsion class – T-38s – the most beautiful jet trainer in existence

If you’re not listed here and you think I should have listed you … harangue me and I might spend some money I don’t have on you.


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