October Sky (Pictures)

I’m alive! Barely, but alive, I promise. And I posted before LesleyT, so I win at life, despite still being traumatized by yesterday’s Orbit Mechanics test.

My life in a sentence: Work work sleep eat work work class class eat work work work work frisbee shower eat work work want to go to bed but just remembered that I had some other work work. Yeah.

Some cool things that managed to happen:

Rocket launch! (Oh, wait, this was for class, so it still counts as work.)

We were launching with G motors, which my brother was thrilled to hear. However, his suggestion that we stage about fifty of them in a rocket and go to orbit is slightly unfeasible; apparently he doesn’t think weight considerations matter.

The following pictures were taken at Turkey Run State Park in Indiana (the sky was actually clear, not cloudy!). Clicking either of the images will take you to my flickr account where there are more. Motive: my mother wanted some colorful fall pictures, as autumn at home … isn’t so colorful.

Jim Lovell (that would be Capt. James Lovell of Apollo 13 fame) gave a talk at Purdue which I was really excited to attend. He is just an amazing, humble guy who can really engage with a varied audience. He apologized for not looking like Tom Hanks and explained that writers for general audiences (referring to The Right Stuff) like to exaggerate certain characteristics to get their point across. In spite of this, it was clear from his first-hand description of his Apollo missions that he was, in fact, generally amazing.

I still need to find a research topic. I’m slightly frustrated about the way the whole working-in-a-lab thing is going – or rather, how it’s not going – but need to get back to work. I also need to do some blog maintenance, but I have no clue when that will happen.


2 thoughts on “October Sky (Pictures)

  1. Those are GORGEOUS shots. Fall is definitely not that pretty here either. This year it snowed while most things were still green, and then they kinda skipped the pretty-colors-stage and went straight to brown and limp. Bleh 😛

  2. Nice title…Mom likes the pics….and yes you win. My formatting is taking too long! And its not even very fancy formatting either :)Your schedule sounds like mine… 😀

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