In Brief

Just a quickie update: I’ve been slowly unpacking and adjusting to ‘real life’ – the one where you cook your own food – again; I started my summer internship on Monday with Vestas. More on that later, or just ask me.

The pool here at the apartments is really short. Yeah, that was random. My shoulders don’t like me right now because I went and swam fly after work.

Oh, and I graduated on Saturday. Woot! It was really hot and humid. I will have pics up on Facebook at some point, as well as send some round to the relatives (like the official full regalia ones). In fact, if you want to be included on that picture-attachment email, please comment here or drop me a line. It is really weird saying I am a graduate, or having people at work refer to me as a Master’s student – kind of like having a birthday and having to remember your new age, or having a new address. But more significant, I suppose.

“No man drowns if he perseveres in praying to God, and can swim.” – Russian proverb


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