vs. House: Round One

Sunday, 01 March 2009

Pretty tired after a day’s work and a little run after dinner. I suppose a good thing over the last year has been me getting into a pretty routine workout regimen – now I just don’t feel right unless I’ve run, swum, or biked within the last day or so.

Today we were gutting a few rooms in a Galveston house within a half-mile of the gulf shore. Apparently the owners had ridden out the hurricane, and the storm surge, in the top floor of the house (basically the master bedroom). The mold had settled into a room on the bottom floor, and in the top floor from the rain.  We were ripping out drywall and flooring, as well as moving out some really old holiday decorations to throw away – such as light-up lawn reindeer. The owners were grandparents, apparently pretty close with their grandchildren, and the grandmother is currently hospitalized due to some medical problem – a leg amputation? but I’m not quiet sure what it is. When you have a mold filter and safety glasses on, and you’re pounding drywall with a crowbar, you tend to miss conversational details, even if they’re important.

Starting to rip out sheetrock - much more to follow

Starting to rip out sheetrock - much more to follow (courtesy Andy)

Battle-ready (courtesy Andy)

Battle-ready (courtesy Andy)

After we finished for the day, we got a chance to pray with the owner. After which we showered, debriefed, and headed to dinner at “the Spot” – amazing onion rings, good burgers, great shakes. I’m pretty sure I ate too much.

At our devotional time in the evening one of the Good News Galveston staff told us about herself – she’s currently a seminary student as well as being full-time (volunteer) staff here, and part of a discipleship ministry program called Master’s Commission. It was interesting just hearing about the path that led her to spend a year doing relief on Galveston.

High point of the day: randomly singing Disney songs with the team, rather cacophonously at points, and Nox practically dying of laughter and coughing at said points.

How lovely is Your tabernacle, O Lord of hosts! My soul longs, yes, even faints for the courts of the Lord; my heart and my flesh cry out for the living God.” – Psalms 84:1-2


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