Due to popular demand (you know who you are) and the fact that I have time to procrastinate, I’m able to provide another installment of gee-I-guess-I-should-post. But I have been busy. Really truly.

Recipe for Lame Excuse

  • 1 week of preparing internship “exit” (more like midterm) presentation and doing it before a corporate VP and a bunch of contract managers
  • 3 weeks of hectic finishing-up of internship project and MATLAB programming
  • 1 week of Orientation Week in conjunction with the last week of internship
  • 1 week of starting up classes and ordering books and going to classes and going to kickoff meetings for extracurriculars and playing a lot of frisbee and looking at grad school research areas and faculty

So that’s basically been the past month or so. Oh, and there was packing and moving into school as well. My family, or most of it, came down to help E and I move, so that was really nice. And my classes this year … these are the classes I want to take; the foundation has been set, so now for the really fun part. Intro Aero and Thermal Design should be fine, CFD should be interesting/challenging (and the prof was my research prof a few years ago and is really good besides), CAD will be more busy-work but pretty brainless, Senior Lab is focusing on power and should be interesting, and Senior Design … could be hell or could be really neat, depending on the project and people involved. For the record, I am not a fan of the international collaboration component.

I registered for the GRE this evening. I’ll be taking it in late September, so I have about three weeks to brush up on my vocab and learn not to make stupid mistakes in high-school level math. What really gets me is that this is supposed to be graduate level – and it’s like another SAT. I mean, no calculus?

I guess that’s everything new that’s been going on with me – exciting, huh? But it’s nice to not really have homework yet. Oh, and my room is awesome.


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