Proof that you can’t believe everything you read on the Internet: There’s a song, by one Josh Ritter, on one of E’s mix CDs. A part of our standard in-drive entertainment, we have a discussion about what it actually means – every single time it plays. It’s really somewhat enigmatic (read: really, really random). We had speculations, of course, but no concrete proof. Explanations on the Internet proved … unsatisfactory. Why? Because people can write whatever they want and pass it off as fact, and we’ll never know until the songwriter himself speaks up about it.

Enter a thought: “Let’s mess with people’s heads!”

So, with an author in the form of my irrepressible sister, and ample suggestions from myself, we present the true meaning behind the song “Harrisburg”. (*<–click* Yeah, the seven-paragraph response.) If you want a really excellent example of how to b.s. for AP English Lit and Comp, you should definitely glance over it.

Other than procrastination, life has been full of frisbee, kayaking, biking, Bible study, and, of course, work. Which has been quite interesting. It’s also been raining really sporadically. This afternoon, for example. And, interestingly, I was sitting at my desk with a cup of tea and the NASA LEO (Low Earth Orbit) Spacecraft Charging Standard – and suddenly wishing I was in the university cafe in Tel Aviv, with a tumbler of cold chai, sitting in one of those stuffed, mismatched chairs with a dozen odd lamps scattered around.

We’re having houseguests tomorrow, and they’re staying for the weekend, which means … cleaning. My room’s in shape now; I just have to get the bathroom. Bleah cleaning. This weekend shall be good. Fooling around at Space Center, for example, and then the Euro 2008 finals (1.45 pm CDT, on ABC). I’m rooting for Germany, but if Spain has the same performance that they had today, it’s going to be very interesting indeed. It’s just that, when one thinks of good European foot,ball, ‘Spain’ is not the first country that comes to mind.

Quote of the day:
E (in her room): “Wow, this is a lot of hair – where’s it all coming from?”
Me (in my room): “If you haven’t noticed, you’ve been shedding a lot of hair.”
E: “Yeah, well, I have a lot of hair.”
Me: “Yeah, well, if you haven’t noticed, it’s all over the bathroom.”
E: “Yeah, I need to get a haircut.”
Me: “You … need to get a new head.”


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