It’s spring. The sun is shining, the grass is green, the flowers are blooming, and they’re pressure-washing Willy.

This has been a week of major highs and lows: mock race, being sick, finding out that I might be able to live on campus next year, being pwned by my 401 exam … and it’s only Tuesday. I should actually be writing a lab that is due in two hours, but I thought I should drop a line or two.

My life right now seems to be one of ‘maybes’. Or possibilities, depending on how you look at it. Maybe I’ll accept my internship offer; maybe I’ll be on campus next year; maybe I’ll make fellow; maybe I’ll be elected to Court; maybe I’ll be selected EWB project leader; maybe I’ll go to grad school; maybe I’ll finish all my work this week, including the Vibrations problem that people have already spent 5-7 hours on and haven’t solved yet.

But honestly, even though all of these thing will eventually be sorted out, one way or the other, I can’t shake the sense that I’m waiting on something even bigger. And I’m waiting.

Waiting sucks.


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