Being back is weird. It wasn’t weird for the first couple of days, but then reality actually set in and I went into damage control mode. I don’t know if you would term it ‘culture shock’ or not, but it’s just a very subtle feeling that I’ve changed, other people have changed, and the rules have changed, but I don’t know exactly how. I guess I’m just trying to fit back into the hole that I ripped myself out of nine months ago, but the geometry of the hole has shifted.

When I actually stop and try to think about this, I realize that I turn into quite an emotional mess – insofar as I am capable – see anybody whom I lived with for commentary on my emotional limitations – and the point is that I’m really trying to avoid thinking about this. I’m going to have to face it at some point, but I’m actually a wimp.

I officially finished unpacking this afternoon, when I set my printer up. I even took pictures, because my desk is (!!!!) clean, but Flickr is not behaving, so you’ll have to wait on pictures. The apartment is tiny, but when everything is put away it doesn’t look cluttered. I tried to avoid putting too much up on the walls, but there were a few posters I just had to have up. Yeah F-22s. It feels like living in a treehouse. I just hope the stairs will stay intact for five months.

Yesterday was packed pretty full, even though I didn’t have class. I touched a disc for the first time in nine months (okay, a competition-weight disc) and made a fool of myself playing ultimate in the Acabowl. I’m still getting over being sick and trying not to bust up my knee again, but those are pretty lame excuses. Immediately after I went an info session for Boston Consulting Group – in the interests of a summer job, mainly – which was a button-up shirt affair. Which proved slightly difficult when I spread mud all over my pants in the (muddy) Acabowl. Seriously, the stuff is thick and black and at least four inches deep in some places. The nice thing about having a sister at the same college is that you can request (demand) clothes at short notice, so the mud issue didn’t become major. And then Bible study and CRU awesomeness, and then a movie with some awesome sophomores. And watching Ingrid put massive amounts of butter on her rice.

I should go read Heat Transfer now – I’ve been saying that for the past two days – and try not to fall asleep, but I’ll probably end up fooling around with the video clips I took in Israel. I have a small margin for procrastination, so I think I’ll enjoy it while I can. I really have to review Mech 311 stuff though, because McStravick is throwing a “Stress Quiz” at us in late January, and all I can remember is that Mohr’s Circle relates stress and strain. I can’t remember any equations or anything – akk. I’m rusty.

Random quotes of the day: (in class) “You can come and leave whenever you want, as long as you don’t generate white noise.” “I know exactly what I’m going to be talking about, even though I will look aloof.” – Dr. Pol D. Spanos, Mech 412: Vibrations


3 thoughts on “Treehouse

  1. you bet you made a fool of yourself- you need to stop playing frisbee like TKD. the contact was a little much. and you’d better return my stuff.

    great, now i just missed a rare joke n caam class…

    oh well where was i? oh. return my umbrella too. i haven’t lookd for yours yet – you can do that yourself if you want it before tomorrow. and if you are going to go to jake’s room, stop by my place to get the movie to return while you’re at it.

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