I’m Still Alive, in Case You Were Wondering

See above. Although it feels like my esophagus has been replaced with a tube of 40-grit sandpaper, I’m still kicking. I also have to finish finals.

I think I’m posting to validate the inordinate amount of time I just spent trying to get my new phone plan together. The website ran me through the whole selection/billing fiasco, and then announce that there was an error and I should see the nearest dealer. Of which there aren’t any in Israel.

I was also wasting time and looking at some of my first blog posts from way back when, and my style has changed quite a lot. I think I’ve lost my touch, reduced to merely recounting events. See this one, for example.

All right, I really should get these essays out of the way. Oh, and Happy New Year!


One thought on “I’m Still Alive, in Case You Were Wondering

  1. grunt. groan. indefinite ‘mmmhmmm’ noise. grunt. cough. cough. groan. indistinct murmur.

    Translation: i’d say your entertainment value has gone down of late. and the events you recount aren’t even exciting…

    Feel free to know that we are enjoying the heck out of the holiday, playing armada, flight sim, and eating chocolate deserts. cough.

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