Cue Procrastination

I’ve been staring at my spiffy new layout for over three hours now, trying to whip myself into actually writing this extremely short paper for my Middle Eastern Media class. I really should be able to do it in, say, an hour, as I have all the outlines and notes – I gave the presentation this past Thursday, complete with PowerPoint – but I can’t seem to get enthusiastic about it. How does one sum up the nuclear history of Iran in a single paragraph? And explain the significance of the 11 April 2006 announcement in another single paragraph? And come up with something that doesn’t sound like a fifth-grader wrote it?

 I think my complaint is that it’s not flowing.

I think the new layout is my wussy attempt to inject some Christmas into my life. I think that it feels like September here, even though it’s only three days until Christmas. I think I’m just being an ornery person spouting off online where every single person with a connection can read it, if they so choose.

 At least this is flowing, right?

Right now I’m listening to the awesome City of Prague Philharmonic’s ‘Carol Symphony’, another pathetic attempt to pretend that it’s Christmas. And procrastinating on this paper. Okay, just to look over my due dates and try to motivate myself: 
24 Dec – Hebrew quiz
25 or 27 Dec – Middle East Media paper
27 Dec – Hebrew final
27 Dec – Creative Writing short and review
1 Jan – Middle East Media final
3 Jan – Struggle for Palestine final
11 Jan – Israeli Drama final
Sometime – Terrorism final

It really doesn’t look that bad. This is finals??? I got the CW short out of the way yesterday; if I quit typing here I can get the Media paper done today and study for the Hebrew quiz tomorrow after church, then knock out a few take-home finals next weekend. Or just take them during the week and then go somewhere next weekend. Eilat, Jerusalem, I don’t know. No wonder they call them slackadems.

 I’m pumped about my housing arrangements next semester. I’m going to have an honest-to-goodness microwave! And maybe a toaster oven! And bookshelves and a real mattress! And cooking equipment that goes beyond one pan and a metal spatula! And my rice cooker! I know I’m pretty minimalist when it comes to living conditions, but sometimes extreme minimalism – the one-and-a-half suitcase kind – can be a little wearing. I think my problem is that I’m tighter than Scrooge.

Random quote of the day: “Bah humbug.”

Okay, I’m really going to work on this ‘paper’ now. It really doesn’t deserve the name.

 P.S. I’m not really griping. Not that much, anyway. I’ll post again before Christmas, I think.


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