Four Loaves and Some Bologna (Pictures)

These have been an interesting past … three weekends. Wow, it has been three weekends. Tiberias, Petra, and some hiking in the Negev … good stuff. I haven’t transferred the Negev pictures yet, but as you can see an entire week’s worth of pictures from my bike trip, I’m not too worried. I did put those up, didn’t I? Yeah, I’m pretty sure I did.

Tiberias, known as Tiveriah in Hebrew, is an old Roman town on the Sea of Galilee, or the Kinneret (everything around here has at least two names. If it doesn’t, it’s not legit.) It gets a bit of scene time in the New Testament, particulary in the five loaves and two fishes episode. The town itself is noticeably divided into two: the waterfront touristy part – mostly Israeli tourists, actually, as Tiberias is one of the four holy cities, and is just a good, unhurried weekend getaway (I ran into my Hebrew teacher there, taking some time with her husband away from the kids) – and (wow, long sentence) the slightly grungier part of town where people actually live. I’m really sorry about the excessive sentence length. I’ve been hanging around too many Germans lately. Among other things, I’ve learned that a half-page long sentence is completely acceptable in the language. And they capitalize every single noun.

If I were a German printer, I would go stark raving mad.

To get back on topic: I went down with Andi on Friday, and, after various sundry adventures on train and bus – we made it unnecessarily complicated – and walking the entire length of Haifa – please don’t ask why – we arrived in time for the grocery stores to close for Shabbat. We picked up some water and granola bars at a drug store, some bread at a bakery that looked like a bread-clamouring revolutionary French populace had stampeded through, and rounded it off with some bologna and Pringles from a newspaper kiosk. Kiosks are awesome. And then had a ginormous dinner, splitting some soup and ‘baked potatoes’ at an overpriced, but absolutely terrific, cafe.

At this point I should mention that there is a certain type of fish that lives specifically in the Kinneret, called St. Peter’s Fish. There is also a restaurant there that serves these fish, called – I believe – by the original name of St. Peter’s Restaurant. There may be a ‘Fish’ in there somewhere; I’m not quite sure. And before you ask, no, I didn’t have any. I was getting close to broke.

We spent the night at a local hostel, which was great, and got upgraded to a private room where there was, wonder of wonders, a real live television. It’s not that they’re uncommon here; they’re just uncommon in my life.

After sleeping in, we had brunch on the shore, took a lot of pictures, and then wandered around… taking more pictures.

The Sea of Galilee, complete with ruins. I would have taken a picture with the Golan Heights across the water, but it was too hazy.

And they have a rowing club … makes sense

Definitely for the tourists

This was interesting … wonder what will happen when those branches put on a little more girth?

There was a Crusader fortress, too … did I mention that? And this also serves as the entrance to a synagogue …

With a war memorial right next to it…

Hills of the Galilee

Sunset over Tiberias

Eventually we wound up walking down and just sitting by the lake, reading and writing and generally soaking in the tranquility. Getting your mind around the fact that Jesus walked on these waters takes a little time.

So nothing terribly exciting happened, except some really good gelato, but sometimes nothing exciting needs to happen. And the next day was the first Sunday in Advent, which I was pretty happy about. I should take some pictures of the church …

Meanwhile, here’s a picture of my advent wreath

Random quote of the day: “Is that shoe too big for you? Well, it might be a little tight around the armpits…” – Erica, a randomly remembered quote from a really long time ago


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    wow . i’m finally reading yoru blog.

    don’ learn german

    candles are the wrong colour

    why do you never email?

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