Giving Thanks in Tel Aviv (Pictures)

[insert excuses here. I was in random places and studying for random midterms.]

Thanksgiving. Yes. It was very good.

It actually started the night before and ended the night after. Components included: Hilary Hahn, classes, a guest lecture, bleeding on a thirty-kilo bag, turkey, shopping in the Shuk haCarmel, cooking, and more turkey. I suppose I should elaborate.

I got to get a half-price student ticket for Hilary Hahn’s debut performance with the Israel Philharmonic! I haven’t seen her live in concert before, and she played Dvorak and was awesome. Her crystal-clear tone and seamless, precise technique are fairly obvious on her CDs, but come out so much more live. I tried to get a good picture, but I was pretty far back (cheap student seat) and had to zoom as far as I could.


She also has one of the best websites I’ve seen for a musician. (Click it.)

It was also raining at this time. And, of course, when the concert was over, it was pouring cats and dogs and camels. Meaning extremely heavily. They don’t really have storm drains here – I’ve see only one – so the streets were rivers, six or seven inches deep in some places. I found out that my dress shoes, close-toed though they may be, are not, in fact, waterproof. They are not warm, either; but that’s immaterial next to the fact that I got to go to this concert. This picture, taken at the bus stop, is also immaterial.


So for the first time in my life, I had classes on Thanksgiving. I may have studied on Thanksgiving before, but not actually gone to classes. There was a guest lecturer for our program that evening, but he wasn’t that engaging, so I didn’t feel too bad leaving early for Krav Maga. I didn’t have full protective gear (go figure) so I spent an hour working straight punches on a thirty-kilo heavy bag until I though I was going to die and belatedly realized that there were little sticky brown spots appearing on the canvas. Further inspection revealed that my knuckles were the source, and that they were extremely raw and bleeding – but there was nothing to do but pretend that the bag was actually the instructor’s face. Standard technique. Heheh.

I got back really tired and ran into a bunch of my classmates/dormmates/floormates who had actually gotten hold of an honest-to-goodness whole turkey (I’m still in awe, Hadas), roasted it, and potlucked the trappings and trimmings. I, erm, helped them finish the substantial leftovers and cleaned for my supper. So I actually had turkey on Thanksgiving, which I hadn’t anticipated.

The next morning, Friday, Andi and I headed out to shuk to get the veggies for our T-day culinary adventure. The shuk has awesome vegetables. And there’s a largish toaster oven in her kitchen, which in my current situation is high-tech. It was pretty sweet; see pictures:



Aunt G: Andi says todah rabah for the jello!


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