Krav Maga, or Fifteen Guys and I

Wow. It’s raining. And it’s chilly and wet and awesome.

Seriously, after you’ve had about nine months of perfect weather – if you could call spring in Houston perfect, which it almost is – some weather that you actually have to fight is very welcome. And as I have all my stuff done, I have nothing better to do than make myself sit down and post.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

So I remember saying I’d talk about Krav Maga, so I suppose I’d better keep my word.

I walked into my first class, looked around, and said …. oh. As the title of this post might suggest, I was the only girl in the room.

Yes, that was interesting. However, you really stop caring once you start sweating, and that starts about five minutes in. Their idea of a warm-up is  combinations interspersed with series of pushups, crunches, and deep-knee bends.

I like it. I really do, even though it’s a completely different style than Tae Kwon Do, and the fighting stance, for starters, is weighted on the front foot. The reverse punch isn’t delivered by twisting the hips, but by bowing forward, because it’s meant to be in response to a possible knife strike, and twisting the hips might allow the knife to slide down your side. So I’m busy trying to get my body used to an entirely new way of moving – which is challenging when you’ve been doing one thing for … six years? Wow, it’s been awhile. I don’t think I’m going to lose the TKD techniques, though.

The style as a whole is very direct, and efficient to the point of brutality. I get the feeling that the mentality is for the body always to be moving forward, or “kadima, kadima,” as they say.

What we’ve done so far has been terribly practical. We did a little groundwork the first night, which was good because that’s not really something we do at home. The past few weeks we’ve also worked on a lot of knife defenses, because apparently stabbings are a big issue here, and some club defenses.

I’m also not the only girl in class, fortunately. There are two others that have shown up so far. I don’t really have problems being the only girl, but it’s nice to have a little moral support. And it’s really good being back in training again. I promise I will see you all during spring break, and let a little more weakness leave the body! Yeah, I miss people yelling that at me.

I haven’t put up a random quote in awhile, so let me see: “Man who catch fly with chopsticks accomplish anything.” – Mr. Miyagi, the Karate Kid

Happy Thanksgiving!


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