Weekend in the Golan, Pt One (Pictures)

I have midterms to study for – akk! – so here are a few pictures from last weekend’s trip to the Golan, where there is one city, two ATMs, sixty volcanos, and 1,200,000 landmines. There is also a note to you wonderful TKD people at the bottom. Yeah, that’s right, I’m making you look at my pictures.

On second thoughts, I’ll do this in two installments, because I took an awful lot of pictures.

On the first day we took a little hike in the Galilee mountains, before heading on to Kibbutz Gonen, which is right outside the Golan. There was this awesome little pool, nice and cold, and I took way too many water pictures, as usual.

The kibbutz ran a guest village as another source of income (since today most kibbutzim are privatized, and still not really economically viable – they receive a lot of help from the government). The cabins were really nice, with great showers, and a few of us got some soccer going. Actually, come to think of it, the kibbutz reminded me a lot of the Dallas Center, being basically a community with its own facilities and functions.

On the second day we headed into the Golan, in the south. Since it was Shabbat, the village we hiked past was observing it, so we didn’t really see anyone except this man and his … daughter? Granddaughter? They waved at us.

Waterfalls are amazing. A lot of the water in the Kinneret, also known as the Sea of Galilee, comes from watershed from the Golan, and supplies 50% of Israel’s water. Apparently Syria once tried to cut back Israel’s water supply by building a giant canal to drain the watershed off to Jordan. Needless to say, the water supply is a major concern of Israel’s.

Some sweet scenery …

Basti deciding to cool off by getting his head wet…

We were hiking along the river above, then went up a hill and turned around and saw the waterfall….schweeeet. You can tell I’m getting tired because my comments on these pictures are getting increasingly unintelligent.

You can trace the path of the river by seeing the trees.

One of the two ATMs in the Golan. There was a theater built here for the purpose of showing an IMAX film about the Golan, complete with coordinated fans, scent, and mist. They’re really putting a lot into promoting the region.

There was also a topographical model of the Golan. The mountain at the top is Mount Hermon, the highest point in Israel.

Okay, here’s the promised note to the TKD people: Dad assures me that “most of the upper belts” are checking my blog sporadically, so of special interest to you all will be that I’m taking a Krav Maga class, which is pretty darn awesome. The point of this is to tell you to stay tuned; that will be my next post topic after finishing the Golan Heights pictures. Oh, and midterms.


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