Yesterday was interesting. I acquired both a bicycle and a roommate – two items that shall drastically change my life, albeit in different ways. After all, the two are slightly different: a bicycle is a machine; a roommate is a person. I paid for the bike; the roommate was free. The bike is of local manufacture (I think); the roommate is Belgienne.

Before I elaborate on either of these, I’d like to draw your attention to the sidebar (assuming you’re viewing my blogsite and not my Facebook feed. If you’re on Facebook, click on the “Imported From” link to get to my site. Ahem. Sidebar. Under “currently…” there are a few links. These are just five random stories from my RSS feeds that I thought share-worthy. I’ll be changing these fairly often – possibly every day – so enjoy. And check out the xkcd that makes a not-so-subtle tribute to Firefly.

I started to read the latest Thresher issue online but regretted it instantly; I find it hard to give credence to anyone who calls Michael Moore’s Sicko a “documentary” with “sound arguments”.

Where was I? Bike. Yessssss. I have one.

A friend of mine mentioned in class that she was going to go to Yafo to get a bike, and I immediately foisted my company upon her. (By the way, I’ve decided that it’s pretty pointless to not mention place names; it’s hard to write without them, and there are plenty of students abroad. Persons and routines are still classified.) We tried the Dizengoff area on the way, but had enough of that when a shop tried to sell a Trek 3700 with crappy brakes and really messed up … everything … for ~$200. Yafo was also populated by shops that had no compunction about trying to rip us off. There was a Fuji mountain bike that didn’t look that bad (“this good, this very, very good! Fuji, see?”) but I wasn’t prepared to part with that much money, and the vendor didn’t care to consider my price.

Finally we found a shop that was willing to do some repairs and let us go for test rides. My new acquisition is a tad long for my torso, but fine in every other respect. And it’s a mountain bike, which I need for doing longer rides over the holidays. The upshot of all this is that, after some “discussion”, I paid ~$75 for a decent bike and a good lock. The lock I will probably bring back with me. Now all I need to do is outfit it with a water bottle holder and a pump.

At the conclusion we got food – me a sandwich from what is supposedly the best bakery in Yafo and she an egg-pancake-with-chips (fries)-in-pita from a falafel shop – and sat on a bench overlooking the water and late afternoon sun. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. Think breeze, and waves, and ancient city in distance, and short-board surfers falling off their boards. That’s the way life should be – food and a bike.

My roommate situation was worked out a little differently, and I’m still not exactly sure how it happened. I’ll try and describe:

I was working in my room, sitting on my bed, two days ago, with my door open as normal to allow airflow. Completely out of the blue, a girl knocked on my door and asked, “Do you have a roommate?”

Easy answer to an easy question. “No.”

“Well … I’m sorry to be so direct, but I’m not getting along with my roommate, and I’m looking for somebody else to room with.” Or at least I think that’s what she said. It may not be word for word, so don’t sue me.

We talked for a bit about why exactly she needed to move, and personal living preferences, and things like that, and orderliness – as those of you who have lived with me know that I’m not a clean freak. Okay, now that sounds like I’m a packrat. I’m not. I prefer an ordered state of minor chaos, which might be annoying to certain portions of the human race.

My now-roommate put in a few calls to the powers that be, got permission, and moved in yesterday afternoon. Since then we’ve been getting to know each other a little better, worked out the all-important question of music, and as of now I think that this will be pretty cool. I’m still a little hesitant to make a full-blown evaluation of the situation, but the outlook is optimistic.

Otherwise, I’m trying to finalize my class schedule for next semester. As far as I understand it, I’m required to take fifteen hours, and twelve have to transfer to Rice. At least three will be taken by Hebrew and three by Creative Writing (yeah DI). If I can convince the Hebrew department at school that it is at the intermediate level, I can get DI credit for an intermediate language, which would be very nice and finish off my DI. Too bad CAD doesn’t count as Arts and Culture. Heh, heh. At some point in the next few days I might list my options and ask for some advice. ‘Til then, sayonara.

Random quote of the day: “The guiding ideological principles of most American newsrooms are entropy, chaos, procrastination and lunch.” – unattributed

Thought: I resemble an American newsroom.


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