I suppose after resolving to ‘blog extensively’ I should actually make an effort to fulfill that goal. Right now I’m sitting near the laundry room, because the only place I can get wireless is down here in the lobby of the dorms, and waiting for my clothes to dry. I’m starting to get into the swing of things, what with the classes and the homework, shopping and cooking, and wishing for an oven. I’ve been thinking of trying to put some bricks on the two gas burners and heating the bricks, and trying to bake on those, but I don’t know if the plastic stand for the burners will take the weight. What I actually need is sheet metal. And a cutting torch. Yeah.

As always, I’ve been a little slow on the social end of things; I’m proudly upholding the Rice kid/nerd stereotype, but I’ve hung out with a few people, both in class and out. It’s funny, but half of the people I can have a reasonable conversation with are graduate students. And most of the students here are academs. Did I say most? That implies a majority. Let me revise that. There is one girl that I know that is a biology major. Everyone else is an academ.

I went with a group to the beach last night, which was really fun. And the water is amazingly, beautifully warm. There’s also a large flea market that I’d like to explore some weekend. (I really like the bus system here, by the way.) Since this was at night, and at the main beach, all the hotels and beachfront properties were lit, but you could still see the stars and some random fireworks in the distance.

The workload is very light – only about an hour or less of work per day. So I get bored and study some more, or read a book. Yeah, a book for fun! It’s been a long time since I had time during the school year to do that. When I run out of books I’ll probably be comfortable enough to ramble around and explore the city. I need to get a monthly bus pass.

I took a look around the engineering library at the university. Well, I intended to take a look around. I ended up drooling down my chin, so I found an aerospace design book and a convenient corner. There’s also a book on RFID implementation that I want to take a look at. And more will come, I’m sure.

Well, my clothes are dry, so I’ll sign off for now. And I’m going on a tour of an historic city nearby [Yafo/Jaffa/Joppa], which I’ll post pictures from. A random quote:

“The ninja code forbids a dark knight from killing someone based on semantics, speech impediments and the misuse of colloquialisms.” – the Ninja


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