I’m writing this at 2:45am EDT, while I have a seven-hour layover. Three hours (roughly) until my plane leaves; two hours until I have to go through security. Joce and her twin, Claudia, came to hang out with me when I arrived, so we had a sugar boost and fooled around in the airport. It was fun seeing them – the first people from Rice I’ve actually seen all summer. At some point I will post the photos I took tonight … some involving a wheelchair. Yeah. Craziness. I ran the jersey designs past Jocelyn, too.

I’m currently in the Hyatt, tucked away in a secluded corner of the restaurant which is conveniently supplied with an electrical outlet. I’m hoping nobody sees me  and decides to kick me out. I’d rather be here than in the airport proper. The chairs are more comfortable.

No, sleep is not an option. My mother objects to me sleeping in strange places. Besides, I have a backpack to watch.

Watching… watching… no, it’s not doing anything.

Okay, the above was random. My body clock is completely out of whack with the time zones. Forty-eight hours ago, I was three hours behind.

There is a really random mix of merengue and slow jazz playing through the restaurant speakers. It’s not annoying yet, but it might become so. I’m enjoying stretching my legs out. Planes are cramped. Speaking of that, there was a half-serious, half-sarcastic article in PopSci a few years ago, comparing airplanes and airports to elements in a giant rat race/experiment setup.

I had a good time at home, even if it was lots of packing and financial stuff interspersed with spontaneous randomness. My sisters and I ran errands this morning – yesterday morning – and spent more time than necessary at Half-Price and Barnes and Noble. I love Half-Price, but they didn’t have the dictionary I wanted. Got some reading material for the long leg of the trip, though. Erica recommended Ted Dekker. Mum made gyoza – our version of killing the fatted calf.

It was funny when I woke up at home. I slept in the top bunk of my nine-year-old brother’s bed, and he announced before I got up, “I have a game we can play – we have two hours.”

I was still groggy (not being a morning person at all), but managed to inquire how he figured the two hours.

“Oh, I calculated how much time you have. I thought you would wake up at eight or nine -” (I got up at eight) – “and you have to pack and go to the bank.”

My brother has turned into a nerd while I’ve been at school. Or maybe it’s just my family.

Is this what I do when I’m tired? Just wander all over the place? Is this what my all-nighter projects and problem sets look like? I feel sorry for my graders.

Some direction here … summer.

Summer was good. If I haven’t mentioned this before – and I probably have, but don’t remember it – I was working for some family friends and their cutting tool company. I was programming CNC and doing a lot of trig, and the good times rolled. When it wasn’t freezing in the office (ahem, Jonathan).

Some highlights:
Waltzing into work each and every morning with a bright, shining smile on my face, ready to tackle the challenges of the day with a fresh outlook and boundless enthusiasm
Or (closer to the truth), stumbling into work everyday behind Sharon, after having poured a cup of black tea down my throat in a frantic attempt to gain full alertness, but not actually attaining this state until 10am
Hiking and walking the California hills with Sharon and Ruth
Going to the Hollywood Bowl, courtesy of Pastor Roger and some affiliated Willi (Sharon assures me that this is the plural form of ‘Willis’)
Making life slightly (slightly) miserable for Jonathan and whatever guests he happened to bring home
Sarah’s wedding
Dancing at aforementioned wedding
Biking to the beach with Sharon and Ruth
Biking in general

hmmm, am I about to be kicked out of here? no, this dude was just passing through.

More highlights:
Staying up really late watching movies
Getting a call from Jason at the Tour de France Prologue and hearing all the fan craziness (thanks, that made my week)
Hanging out with my dad’s sisters and parents and catching up
Playing chess and scrabble with above awesome relatives
Driving without traffic
Visiting my dad’s brother and associated family, staying on his parents-in-laws’ boat in the Delta area, chillin’ with my cousin
Rachelle’s Bible study
Tina’s birthday party
Having dinner with the 3Ex4: Erik, Emma, and Ezri
Good friends and gracious hosts
Amazing God and church

LA traffic
Government bureaucracy and red tape
Financial stuff

Yeesh, I need to find something to do for another hour and twenty minutes.


So … If things had gone as planned I would have been well out of the country by now.

Things did not go as planned.

I don’t have a problem with connecting flights. It’s when flights fail to connect that I get annoyed. Oh, and my baggage somehow ended up in Detroit. I’m not in Detroit. So it’s probably good that I’m set back a day, because it gives my baggage a chance to catch up. Eventually. Ish. My body clock is still confused.


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