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Mes amis et ma famille, (and everybody else who thinks I’ve disappeared off the face of the earth)

Here’s an update on what’s going on with me: Life is good. I’m only spending eight or nine hours per day in a productive manner, the weather is great, and I have internet access, amazingly generous friends, great parents, and a thoroughly awesome God.  There. That was my thesis statement. See, I’m an engineering major but I can still refrain from abusing the English language.

 Where was I? Ah, yes. I also know where I’m going this fall, and I need to establish some sort of study routine. Yeah, like right now, because I have less than eight weeks to become vaguely conversational in a foreign language. Wow, that’s coming up fast. But let me hit my points in order:

Job. Good, although those of you that know me know that I talk, mutter, whisper, or scream at my computer depending on its compliance. I’m doing numerical controls programming for a grinding machine, so I get to fiddle with geometry and vectors all day, and it’s fun. Why? Because I get to draw pictures and solve problems and growl at myself and my computer when things don’t work out. To paraphrase my dad, engineering is getting paid to play with expensive toys.

 Weather. Good. Cooler than at home or school, but that just means I get to wear my uber-cool college sweatshirt all the time. Another consequence is that almost everything is green and growing, and there’s a lot of fruit and flowers.

 Internet Access. Is good. I might possibly die without it. ‘Nuff said.

 Friends. I am both employed by and staying with family friends of ours from way back when. Yipes, thirteen years ago. Tempus fugit. In essence this means that I have roughly six extra brothers and sisters, so we can do sweet stuff like mountain bike to the beach, which was terribly fun. I haven’t ridden a mountain bike in, erm, several years, and there’s an interesting feeling of oh-this-feels-so-stable-but-if-I-hit-that-rock-I-will-still-die. California scenery is also vastly different from, say, school or home. There are hills, for one thing. I may have mentioned this before, but it’s worth mentioning again. It’s also nice to ride completely recreationally, instead of focusing on your speed or cadence or having to be somewhere and dodge traffic. However, I’m afraid that my legacy will be a completely unanticipated addiction to Stargate. Not that I mind *crazed grin*. But yes, we’ve been watching a lot. Like one memorable night where we watched five straight episodes. I may soon feel compeled to log a rant about why exactly I like Stargate, and another one about the unexplained proliferation of decaf everything, but moving on…

Parents. Here’s to y’all. Or y’all guys (I’m trying to come back to the CA heritage but it’s proving difficult). My parents are letting me go abroad at personal risk to themselves, which is one of the reasons why I am not going to name the program here. See my Facebook or email me. Even better, call me.

God.  Did I ever say how absolutely amazing God is? Let me reiterate. Faithful. Loving. And not entirely forthcoming about what will happen to my future, but if there were no uncertainty, how could He demonstrate His sufficiency? For example, I am financially scraping through this study-abroad thing by the skin of my teeth, and only because the program itself is giving me a scholarship. There was a certain point at which, if they hadn’t come through, I would have had to go to Plan B. But God gave me exactly the cutoff amount, and the deadline extensions to go with it. The expense of this program will still mean that I will have to live off-campus the rest of my time at school, and get a job during the semester, and use this and next summer’s earnings, but the point is that I will be able to study abroad, because God wants me there for some reason. I don’t know why, but it’s going to be very interesting finding out.

Random quote of the day: “We’re exactly one zat gun short of actually having a zat gun.” – Col. Jack O’Neill


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